Sunday, February 26, 2006

So It Starts

My son Nigel doesn't know I've started this blog. It's really for him, but I intend to use it too, with his permission. We discussed it on vacation, when we decided that we would share our thoughts, images, and wanderings around Hamjamser, whether by sunlight or the light of our moon and grandmoon.

Currently I'm living in the hamlet of Glee Fiddler's Onion, where I have had my mountain delivered. I'm terribly impressed with the movers. Not a tree toppled or boulder out of place, best I can tell. It gives me a headache to think what they did with all the water that normally flows from it while they moved it.

I haven't decided whether to live on the mountain or just beside it, leaving it as I found it. The natural beauty of it, it's grandeur, and it's lovely shape were what caused me to buy it in the first place. I wasn't even in the market when I was bowled over by the great big thing. It has beautiful bones, it seems to me - a thoroughbred of mountains. And just the right combination of open meadow, woods, cliff, and scree slopes to be eternally interesting.

The hardest part was deciding how to orient it at delivery, but in the end I followed the movers' advice and kept it same side toward the sun. After all, the plants, trees, and wildlife are all used to the sun coming up on THAT side and going down on the other. Can't very well disrupt that without inviting grumbling at the very least.

Distant family members haven't seen it yet (can't very well carry it around for show and tell, can I), so I hope to post pictures of it soon.



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