Thursday, November 22, 2007

Rodent Invasion

The bakery near the hotel had been having trouble with mice in the basement recently. They'd been chewing open crates, taking food, and generally making a mess of everything. The traps the restaurant owner set out had all disappeared. No one had even seen the mice.

Finally, frustrated to the limit of his patience, the owner decided to stay awake in the basement all night. If the mice came, maybe he'd be able to tell why they were so hard to get rid of; if they didn't, well, he'd know he could hire someone to sit in the basement every night as a last resort.

As it turned out, the mice did come... sort of. The owner was kind enough to show me the photograph he had taken before running back upstairs as fast as he possibly could.

He still hasn't managed to catch it yet. It might take a bit longer than he expected.

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