Monday, June 18, 2012

Postbird's Note

Mr. Tangelo has asked the Postbird service to extend his deepest apologies for his lack of correspondence this month. He is currently traveling through a region of the Golden Desert where the pipe crawlers have caught some sort of rare electrical disease, causing the normally tidy workings of their crystal brains to degenerate into self-replicating gibberish. Due to the nature of the area, this disease has spread to the town's writing as well. Anyone attempting to read there at the moment will find only a constantly shifting soup of random symbols. A team of expert linguist-philosophers has been dispatched from Karkafel, but it will likely take them several weeks to find their way to the town and get its words back in order; due to the impossibility of writing anything until then, Mr. Tangelo plans to pick up his pen and begin his annual month of correspondence in July, rather than in June. He apologizes for any inconvenience and wishes everyone the best.

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